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EmeraldMu S3 E1

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EmeraldMu S3 E1

Mensaje por Michael25 el Lun Dic 12, 2011 9:03 pm


Welcome to join Emerald MU Online

Gaming area with long term and professional quality.
We can offer you fast dedicated Long term MU server without any lags and more...

- Dedicated website and community without any lags.
- Professional e-email support center.
- 4 MU Online Game Servers 2x PVP, 1 NonPVP and 1 Siege
- Great and secured PVP without any cheats!
- UPS system

- Version: Season 3 Episode 1
- Experience: 9999999X
- Item drops: 99%

Voting mania events every month with awesome rewards and a lot of fun!

- Box of kunduns in Lorencia shop: +1 +2 +3 +4

- Castle Siege battle: Every week

- Cry Wolf event: Every day

- Ancient items: Land of Trails and Aida

- Web Shop make your game more easily

- Unique donation methods and payment systems:

- Active community forums at: forums.emeraldmu.com

- Advanced Anti-Cheat system (Purchased license)

- 24/7 Online gaming servers.

- Servers:

- Server 1 (PVP)
- Post chat on
- Server 2 (NON - PVP)
- Post chat on
- Server 3 (PVP)
- Post chat on
- Server 4 (Siege)
- Post chat on


Fecha de inscripción : 24/11/2011

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